Recipe Weigher Junior


  •  Constant quality

  •  Anyone can make a recipe

  • Automatic recalculation

  • Totals saved to memory

  •  No more wrong doughs

  •  Save daily recipes

  •  Scroll through recipes

  •  No recipe book needed

  •  Link with PC possible

The recipe weigher consists of a weigher and software, developed by Real Time CZ. The weigher can weigh up to 6 kgs with an accuracy of 1 gram and up to 15 kgs with an accuracy of 2 grams. With the help of easy-to-use software hundreds of different recipes can be made and uploaded to the recipe book inside the weigher. When one starts the recipe, the weigher will ask what recipe to make. One can either enter the recipe number or choose from a list. Next, the weigher will show the recipe’s name. Additional information can be shown, for example mixer times, water temperature etc. Before actually starting, the amount to make is entered and the weigehr will calculate of each ingredient the exact amount to use and weigh. Now the recipe has been started and the weigher will show the first ingredient’s name and target weight. Now the actual weight has to be within the programmed tolerances before the weigher continues to the next ingredient. Two lights indicate under- and overweight. As long as the actual weigth is not within the tolerances programmed, one can not start on the next ingredient. When the target weight has been reached within the tolerances, the weigher continues with the next ingredient and automatically tares the weighing scale. Even ingredients that can not be weighed, for example eggs, cans of tomatoes etc, can be displayed so they will not be forgotten. At any given time the total amount of ingredients used or recipes made can be shown on the screen. Whilst weighing, one can be disturbed without a problem: the weigher indicates the ingtredient actually worked on. This way all doughs will be all right.

Also the water quantity is being recalculated.
Real Time CZ's watermeter can be controlled by the recipe weigher.






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