Drainless Watermeter

  • No drain
  • Main, cooled and hot water
  • 2 Mixer valves
  • Does not need manual settings
  • Can be used without cooled water
  • Can be controlled by RS-232 and CAN
  •  Stainless steel casing
  •  Completely automated dosing
  •  All water supplies drainable individually
  •  Button for 0.1 and 0.5 L dosing

The watermeter of Real Time CZ, s.r.o. is a fully Czech built product. Therefor it can be supplied for a good price. Because it is drainless, money can be saved on installation (no drain needs to be constructed) and waterwaste. The watermeter can have MAIN, COLD and HOT water inputs. Cooled and hot water are no longer spilled. This results in energy savings. The watermeter can be supplied with 2 exits for 2 mixers. After a dosing has finished, the watermeter returns to it’s last settings. The watermeter can be externally controlled by an RS-232 and a CAN interface. After installation, the watermeter can be used without further settings or programation.

The recipe weigher, produced and supplied by Real Time CZ, s.r.o. can also control a watermeter and silo control. It can also be used for registering and tracking/tracing of ingredients.

With the software supplied, costing calculations of each recipe can be made.


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